Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's been a while

Shoot! It's been a little while. But things have been so crazy! We are in our new town. We made it! We have been living in the hotel for four weeks now and have two weeks left. The good news is that we think we found a house. The bad new is that it will probably be 4 weeks before we get to move in. Doh! Ill fill more in later but here's some pictures since we all know that's why people look at blogs. ;)

The kids on the drive... K was just making a face.  They actually did great on the four day drive!
J and k at Yellowstone.

Baby girl is so smiley!!!  And she loves her swing and playmat.

My three kids!  man that is crazy to think about.

I am SOOOO grateful for this stroller!  Its a snap and go.  Super lightweight and easy to get around.  It has been a blessing while living in the hotel.  If I had to cart the carseat around everywhere I would die.  Thanks MOM!!!!

The kids are LOVING having a pool at their disposal.  And this is their little friend who is also a blessing.  :)  they have someone to pal around with.

Little C LOVES to stand up.  She will get a little fussy, and you help her stand and she is all grins.

Of course, Daddy is LOVING all the lakes around here that are full of all his favorite fish.

And here we are!  C has turned three months!  I cant even believe it!  It has gone by so fast!  She is such a doll.  The best baby yet.  Just so happy, content, and joyful.  We love her so much!