Wednesday, August 21, 2013

3rd grade

Today is the first day of third grade for mr. K!  I can't believe this kid is going to be 9!

All summer we have been trying to help him feel confident about going to a new school and making this move.  I have hardly had time to worry about him in my effort to reassure him that all will be well.  Then today we walked into the cafeteria to get in line for the bus and I watched him walking all alone into the crowd...

My heart fell to my feet.  My little boy didn't know a single soul here.  How terrified he must feel.  I was about to go "rescue" him and sit with him till the busses came, when he sat by a kid and started talking.

He inspires me.  I love this kid!  Daddy gave them fathers blessings this morning... And I pray that as I send my little man into this scary, brave new world that he will be bold and strong and ready for all the challenges and excitement that await him!


Amy Bond said...

That makes me feel old!!!! :O

Amy Bond said...

That makes me feel old!!! :O we miss you guys!