Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The free piano

I have been keeping my eyes open on Craigslist for. Free piano.  Around here they come up about once a week.  I missed quite a few good ones because we weren't unpacked enough to move one in... But then I saw this one...
This isn't a great photo but it wasn't in the best shape.  It still needs to be tuned but it isn't horrible.  I let it sit for a while and had a lot of second thoughts.  Did I REALLY want to paint this monstrosity??? Was it worth it.  Or should we just take it to the dump.  

Eventually I got up the gumption to begin.  It is a bit intimidating but the thing was free an ugly so it couldn't get much worse right?  After I painted I added a wooden appliqué.... Just to maker her a little more purdy... ;)

The hardest part was around the keys because I didn't take it apart but all in all I'm super happy with it!!! I also redid my piano bench because we are changing the color scheme and the old one didn't quite work anymore.  I LOVE the pop of color!

Total cost? 
Piano - free
White paint - free from stash
Yellow paint - $6
Fabric - $2
$8 for a piano!!! I'll take it!

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Jennifer {The Craft Patch} said...

Oh gosh, Lauren. You are so brave! I think I would be way too scared to paint a piano, but I LOVE how yours turned out. Very cool!