Friday, October 18, 2013


I have to make sure I record this one... We had the sister missionaries over for dinner a few weeks ago.  One of the sisters is in love with our baby and desperately wants to hold her.  But guess what?  They aren't allowed to hold babies!!! I had no idea!

So we are eating dinner and talking about missionary work and sister sheranian asks A if she wants to be a missionary when she grows up.  A says no.  Very simply without even thinking about it.  The sisters looked like they didn't quite know what to say.  I asked why?

She gives an exasperated sigh, like we are very difficult to deal with ...

"Because I want to hold babies."

We all burst out laughing and Sister Sheranian (the one who wants to hold our baby) says

"Guess I can't blame you for that one."

Love my girl!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Christmas list

I'm starting to think about my Christmas shopping so I thought I'd do the annual wish list.  Here ya go!

This year, all Daddy and I want are Home Depot gift cards.  Baby needs a new roof.  ;)

I have also made wish lists for the kids that I'm trying to update as I think of things.  

Given our tight budget I'm trying to use all my creativity and thoughtfulness for my gift... I can't wait for the most wonderful time of the year!!!