Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This is my sisters nativity.  Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!  I actually have the same one but I have been collecting pieces since the first year we were married and it has grown quite large.  I thought about posting a picture, but it isn't about that.  

When I looked at this nativity, I couldn't help feeling nostalgic about that first Christmas when it was just Daddy and I and our simple little nativity.  It was the beginning of our life together.  We didn't have much but the life we were creating was beautiful.  

I'm so excited for my sister.  This is her first Christmas with Jimmy and she is having her sweet beginnings. I love that in this nativity you can't help but focus on the savior. I'm sure she will be thrilled as she adds to her nativity, as it symbolizes, I'm part, the years she has behind her... 

I LOVE my nativity!  But I also loved it when it was only three pieces... Mary Joseph and our beloved savior!