Monday, October 26, 2015

We are precious...

It's been a week.

One week ago, I noticed a lump in my neck. Right on the midline. 

I've been thinking about what to write. How much detail? It's a long story for so short a time. 7 days... So here's the short version. 

Blood work, doctors, the "C" word being thrown around, and ultimately a CT scan. 

The mass turned out to be displaced and enlarged lymph nodes. Despite the fact that my blood work didn't point to infection, the doctor perscribed me some heavy duty antibiotics Friday. The first three days yielded no change and I started to lose it a little. The next option was not a good one. 

But today it began to shrink. It's far from gone but I feel like this is the solution. 

It's been a terrifying week. I'm emotionally spent. I've lived my life blissfully sure that I would grow to a ripe old age. I am young and invincible, right? The sting of death and illness lies far in the future. 

But this week... I have not felt invincible. I have cried.  I have felt anxiety like I've never experienced before. I have prayed, and felt peace and comfort. 

But I'm lucky... This time it seems that it's only some sort of infection gone wrong. So, what's the takeaway?

When it comes to our mortal existence, all that we hold dear can be gone in an instant. Wealth, the esteem of our fellow men, our health... Our lives can change at the drop of a hat. Those things that matter though, they endure. 

I have the promise of my family being with me forever. I have an eternal companion who I treasure. I have a sure knowledge that my Father in heaven holds me in his hands. He has numbered my days and I will not be given any less. He has the power to calm my fears and bring peace to my soul. We are not invincible. But we are precious. 

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Gaye said...

So very grateful for answers to fervent prayers on your behalf! 💞